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Unit 2:

Being a Priest or Priestess to the Lord and Lady

We are not talking about being a High Priestess or High Priest, but the fact that every Witch is a Priest or Priestess to the Goddess and the God.  

Within a Coven you have members who are better at certain things than others. This is the time to think of that also. What is your direction within the craft? This could depend upon the type of Priestess or Priest you become.

Some of the things you want to covers are the religious responsibilities of a Witch. The types of rituals you will be expected to be able to perform.

Again this is your show.  Take you time thinking about this - there is no time limit, so don’t rush yourself.  

If you have a unit you feel you need more time on, go on and work on another. This is why there is no order other than unit 13 being the last one.  You can be working on several at a time and what you learn from one can help you with one you were having trouble with.

Again there are a lot of things out there you can read.