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Unit 1:

What is a Witch

You were asked this question several times in Wicca 101.  You are now a Witch, what does it mean? During Wicca 101 did the meaning change from when you started and when you finished.  Has it changed any since you became Witch?  During Wicca 101 you leaned about what a Witch is and does, are you ready?  

There are a lot of books on what Witchcraft is - by many different authors. You might want to read a few. There are also sites on the Internet, you may want to look over them also. This you could do to further your understanding of what a Witch is.  If you go to gathering or festivals talk to other Witches.

Here are some of the things you will need to cover in your paper.

Tell what a Witch is to you - we don’t want to see definitions taken from books or the Internet, but what it is to you. What is the role of the Witch in today’s world. What do you plan on doing as a Witch.

Remember this is your 100% your show.  This is what you think and feel about what a Witch is, not what someone has said a Witch is in a book or on the Internet.  There are many correct answers and also some incorrect ones. (And coping one from a book or the Internet would be incorrect for you)