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Unit 13:

Your Ritual

If you were in our Coven you would be writing a ritual with yourself as the High Priestess/High Priest. But since you are not here we are going to have to do something a little different.  We are going to want you to write two rituals. The first one will be one that you will perform. If you are the only one in it make it a ritual for one.  If there is more people that will be part of it - make it so it for all who will be in it.  The ritual would be your second degree ritual.

The second ritual you will write is also a second degree ritual, but it’s going to be written for a full Coven.  You will be the High Priest/High Priestess, you will have a counterpart, you will have a maiden, you will have people to call quarters. You can use up to 13 people including yourself. In it you must give the set up for the ritual,what is needed.  What each person will be doing and what they will be saying. Make sure you create your circle and write everything in detail. (Normal ritual will have cast circle call quarter and so on. In this you need to go into detail of the casting and the calling)

All units but this one can be done in any order, but this is the last one.  If you truly have done everything you can consider yourself at the level of a second degree Witch.