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Unit 11:

Spell Writing

As a Witch if you need a spell where do you go. If you answer you run down to the book store and get a book on spells, you need to go back to Wicca 101. If the spell you need is not in your Book of Shadows (and if your BOS contain spells copied from books or the Internet - again you need to go back to Wicca 101) You need to be able to write it.  Chance are if you are in a Coven there will be at least one person that does most of the spell writing (or there may be several). But all Witches need to know how to write a spell. Also you need to know who to write spell for and who not to write them for.

Now there are many books of spells on the market today.  And they have a good use, to see how other write spells.  The more that comes from you the more powerful the spell is.

Now your paper should be in two parts. Part one should be about what you need to do to write the spell and part two a Spell.  A spell that you have done and how it worked. Make sure beside writing the words you need to tell what is needed for the spell: candles, herbs, crystals, …