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Unit 9:

Ethics within the Craft

In Wicca 101 we covered ethics. Now it the time to start examining them. As a Witch you will find yourself taking Oaths at different times.  Sometimes to join a Coven or becoming part of a group. - Other times for a certain spell or ritual. There will be times when you will need to ask to be released from an oath. There are Oaths that you can’t be released from. There are some tings that you will not have an oath for, but they are important to you as a Witch not to do.  You are going to be part of a Priesthood, people will as you to be counseled.  

Ethics are very important. Many books touch on ethics within the Craft. These are ethics that should be used in your everyday life as well as your life as a Priest or Priestess.

In your paper you need to cover the need for oaths within the craft, what are thing that you should never do.  What are things you should do.