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The requirements for this course are that you are either a first degree Witch or you have complete an online Wicca 101 class.  Without the knowledge of a first degree Witch you will be lost in this course.

Depending on the Coven you get your degrees from there are varying requirements, but we look upon the degree system being much like college. Your first degree is you Bachelors degree - you learn the basics about Witchcraft to gain the degree and must be able to show that you know the basics.  As a first degree Witch you need to lean how to use what you leaned about to become a first degree Witch.  You are now getting ready to become part of the priesthood of the craft.   

This course is divided into 13 units. There is no order in which you are to do them. Once you complete a unit you are to write a paper on what you have learned and what you feel the unit was about.

What are the books for the course. That’s up to you.  Most books on the market are for Wicca 101 - even the one’s called advanced. But they may have something in them you hadn’t considered before. Use information you have in your Book of Shadows from Wicca 101 and rituals you have been in.

The reason you are not going to find true books on 2nd and 3rd degree studies is that most of what you learn comes form doing.  Being in a Coven is the best way to become a 2nd or 3rd degree Witch. This course is to help you learn to think like a 2nd degree Witch.

Feel free to ask questions at any time. If you were in our Coven we would have an Elder who would be you mentor during this time, who you could come with questions - but you could also direct questions to any member of the Coven.

The units you will be covering are as follows:

Unit 1: What is a Witch

Unit 2: Being a Priest or Priestess to the Lord and Lady

Unit 3: Talk to the Trees

Unit 4: The Craft in day to day life.

Unit 5: Children and the Craft.

Unit 6: Politics and the Craft.

Unit 7: Seeing and listening

Unit 8: Believing you feelings

Unit 9: Ethics within the craft

Unit 10: Crafting

Unit 11: Spell Writing

Unit 12: Ritual Writing

Unit 13: Your ritual (of the unit’s this is the only one which must be in order)

To cover this can take 13 weeks, 13 months, 13 years or any time in between or longer. There are some Witches who will stay a first degree Witch.

In this course we will refer back to things from our on line Wicca 101 class, if you didn’t take it you may need to check it out.

All the papers that you write one should be emailed to us at dreamweaver@dragonpalmcircle.org  and you should also put a copy in your Book of Shadows.

We will also be adding new materials to the Pagan Learning center at all times.

Welcome to

Witchcraft 201