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Week 52

First Degree Ritual

You have done the final and sent a copy of your answers to dreamweaver@dragonpalmcircle.org  And you have truly done everything and you feel that you are ready, below is the ritual. Now if you are doing this by yourself you will have to rewrite to fit just one person. The information that you would be giving to the HPS or HP you give to the Goddess.

Your trip has just started. Your learning has just started and it will never end.

We are working on both a 201 and 301, but it may be some time before they are on line - as trying to convert the way we teach the live classes to something written down will not be easy.

Blessed Be

And welcome to the Craft of the Wise.

Items: Min. Setup, white candles, Student's tools.


The Circle is cast in the normal way by Student

Once the circle is ready the Student will go over to the Alter.

Student: Tonight I come before the Lord and Lady, as a Student, who has been studying the craft for a year and a day.

Student: I am, give mundane name, and I have been following the path of the Lady and the Lord for a year and a day.

Student picks up tools

Student : These are my tools and this is how I use them. Tell how to use
Student: I have cast circle and called upon the Lady and Lord with a pure heart.
Student: Give Wiccan name or choose a new name if wanted
Student ring bell
Student:Let be known to all I am WICCAN NAME and from this day forth I am a Witch.
After this the student says a few words and does a rededication to the Goddess and God. After this cakes and ale

Then do a normal closing of the circle.

NEXT WEEK:. Now the really hard learning begins...

Notes: Ritual was Written by Dreamweaver of Dragon Palm Circle 1999ce and rewrote it for one person 2022ce. Feel free to change it, add to it, or personalize it in anyway.