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Week 51

Final Exam

If you were taking the final in our live class it would be oral and given by several members of the Coven.  You may or may not be given questions that are in this version.  They question may be on things that were not covered in class but should have been picked up in rituals. Unlike this class, some one who takes the live class and becomes a First Degree Witch reflects on Dragon Palm Circle. We demand a lot more of the “LIVE” students than we do our on line students. No one sits around and says nothing - they must join in the discussion or they may find themselves a novice for much longer than a year and a day.

Final Exam for Wicca 101

This is a new final exam – the old one was basically a high school type test. Meaning it was mostly based on memorizing information. You have a Book of Shadows for this. This new test which can be give oral or written is more of a college level test or blue book test as they called them when I went to college. This measures what you know and understand. Where a high school type test is black and white with only one correct answer, this type of test has shades of gray to it. Many of the questions can be answered many different ways and be correct. The answers we need, need to be your thoughts, your understanding of the question. And finally on a test like this there are only two possible grades – pass or fail. In your answers add as much personal experience as possible. If this is a live class, you will need to cast a circle as part of the final. If this is not a live class and you cannot yet cast your own circle, you are not ready to take this test.

Part One

1. What is a Witch?

2. What is a Coven?

3. Give a short History of the Craft up to the 1950’s

4. Given that there is little proof of some of the early history of the craft, why is history important?

5. Name some major players in modern Witchcraft, their roles and accomplishments.

Part Two

6. What is the importance of the Wiccan Rede?

7. Why is religion needed in Witchcraft?

8. Why do we not search out people to become Witches, but let them seek us out?

9. What are your responsibilities as a Witch?

Part Three

10. Name the tools you use and their importance to you.

11. What to wear to ritual – explain what you would wear for different rituals and why.

Part Four

12. What is self dedication?

13. Tell about the different rites of passage.

14. Tell how to cast circle.

15. Give your views about casting circle and being within a circle.

16. What is a High Priest or High Priestess?

17. What is an Esbat?

18. What is a Sabbat?

19. Give a description of a ritual from start to finish.

20. What are some of the differences between an Esbat circle and a Sabbat Circle?

21. Tell about the different degrees of a Witch.

Part Five

22. What is the difference between a Major and Minor Sabbat and what and when are they.

23. Explain Samhain.

Part Six

24. What is meditation and what are your experiences with meditation.

25. What can dreams mean?

26. What is Theban and why should we use it or not use it.

27. Explain what a handfasting is and what different types there are.

28. Explain what a handparting is.

29. What is channeling?

30. What is Astral Travel?

31. What are past lives?

Part Seven

32. What are different forms of Divination?

33. Is Tarot a gift or a skill – explain.

34. What is Scrying and what can be used for doing it.

Part Eight

35. Explain the use of herbs within the craft.

36. What have you used herbs for?

37. Explain how stones and crystals are used within the craft.

38. What stones or crystals do you use and why?

Part Nine

39. What is Magick?

40. What is a Circle used for?

41. What is a spell?

42. What are Magickal Alphabets?

43. What are Talisman and Amulets?

Part Ten

44. Explain faith healing VS Witchcraft.

45. What is a poppet and how is it used.

46. How are gems used in healing?

47. Explain healing as part of Witchcraft.

Part Eleven

48. Why should Magick only be done when there is a need for it?

49. Should you write your own rituals – why or why not?

50. Are we all Solitary, even when we are part of a Coven?

51. Why do many traditions not allow solitary Witches?

52. What are some of the difference of being a Coven Witch and a Solitary Witch?

Part Twelve

53. How has the Craft changed since the 1950’s?

54. What do you think Wicca will be like in the future?

Part Thirteen

55. Why do you want to be a Witch