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Week 47

Solitary Witch Part 2

Before books like Buckland and Cunningham's the only way to become a Witch was via a Coven or family Trad.  Because of this any solitary Witch you would find would be one between Covens or the last of the line of a family Trad.  Even today many Trads do not feel that a self taught Witch is a Witch.  The USA is more accepting of the solitary than some other parts of the world.  The Internet has entered the scene for both Bad and Good.  Today we have Internet Witches, which are solitary Witches who has gotten all their teaching on the Internet. (These people don’t even read the books - what we are doing is bad enough, but we are reading four books as part of the course plus at least four other books - hopefully more) They learn mis-information  and then they pass it on to others.  This cause a large area of mis-information traveling around the net.  Some of this information gets off the net - YUCK!  The Wicca VS Witchcraft - we can thank the net for a lot of this.  Most books will say they are the same. People who were around when Wicca was first used, will say it was just another name for  Witchcraft.  So how did we get people who say it isn’t?? WORLD WIDE WEB…

If you are going to be a solitary beware the web.  It can be a wonderful tool, but make sure you use other tools along with it.  Remember anyone can go on the Internet and say “I am a WITCH”  They can add degrees and titles and everything else that sounds good to them.  It can be a 13 year old who had just finished watching the “Craft” and has an overactive mind.  But it can also be a third degree Witch who has spent many years in the Craft and want to pass on some of her knowledge to others.


Why do many Traditions not allow Solitary Witches?


1. What are the main difference between being a Coven Witch and a Solitary Witch?

NOTE: Why did we start an online class - because we were asked to, we had moved from Florida and we still had people there who wanted the class. At first it was going to be a Yahoo Group with each week a new class sent out. I still have on my computer a file for that class - we had quite a few weeks done, and it made making the website a little easier. But we realized people would be joining at different times and it would become confusing, so we made the website. We already had the Dragon Palm Circle website, so this was just added to it. The first year it appeared was 2000 and was updated 2005, 2006,2007, 2012, 2014. A few were just minor updates - 2012 and the current 2022 were complete updates. We use this sometimes with the live class when a student lives too far away to come every week.  So they come one a month or so with questions they have from the online classes.

Now who am I. I am a Third Degree Witch, High Priestess Consort (our version of a High Priest) Elder and a Founder of Dragon Palm Circle. Became a first degree witch at the beginning of 1998, second degree latter that same year and Third in 1999. I have been teaching Wicca 101 since 1997 (one of the reasons I got my second degree so soon after my first) The first year was rough teaching, as fast as I was learning - spending time talking about thing I didn’t understand to local Elders, then teaching a class to the rest of our study group. According to the Elder who worked with me on my third degree said that all that made it to first degree in our study group had been pushed to learn way more than needed to get a first degree - we were writing and performing rituals with just a little over site by outside elders from the very beginning. At the time we started our second year besides teaching others 101 we started what would latter become Witch In Progress which was a series of workshops held at first weekly then monthly or when ever. It let us cover a lot of advance studies that really are not in any books. We had guest from other Covens come and run workshops and people within our own that were very good at what they were doing.