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Week 45

Getting Set Up

We are now 45 weeks into our studies. Are we ready? What tools do we have? What tools do we need?  Do I understand what I need to do? Do I want to join a Coven, forma a Coven, or be by myself (more on this next week).  Are we going ot come out of the “broom Closet” if haven’t already?

Now it the time to start planning on your next move - in just a few more weeks you will be done with Wicca 101.  At this time you should have A BOOK OF SHADOWS, some of your tools, some herbs, some stones or crystals.  You should be able to cast circle.  

Have you celebrated the Sabbats and Esbats?


Why should Magick only be done when there is a need for it? Coming out of the broom closet.


1.Can I write my own rituals?

2. How do you find members for a Coven?

3. What is a Wiccan Church?

4. What is the long form of Blessed Be?


Gather together what you feel you need to cast a Esbat circle.  Now look at what you have - do you feel you are missing anything.

Now add anything to this to cast a Sabbat circle. Again do you feel you are missing anything.

Now of the things you are missing - why.  Now if they cost to much, keep looking. But if it is just because you hadn’t though about it before - go on and add them. BUT Do you really need them?? Now take a sheet of paper and make two columns - mark one NEED and one WANT.  Each item you are missing need to go into one of the columns. Is the item something you really need or is it something you want - it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get items you want, just don’t give them the same importance of something you need.  Sometimes the thing you want, but don’t need can add to you feelings when doing the ritual.

You will always be adding to your tools. And they will include things you need and things you want. Always be on the look out for things. You never know when something will pop up. One of the things we had trouble finding was a cauldron.  We found some cheap substitute, but we really wanted a good cast iron cauldron and they cost a lot. And one of our students was doing construction work and they dug one up - then latter we found an even better one in a second hand store for almost nothing because it was missing a lid, which we didn’t need.  We still use both of them.