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Week 44

Healing Part 2

As with last week the important part of this is to become part of the class Discussion. Make sure you did your reading.


The use of psychology in Wiccan Healing.


1. How are herbs used for healing?

2. What is an image spell?

3. What is Auric healing?

NOTE: Hate having two weeks with no lecture. But we would just be repeating what is said in the books.

An important thing to remember, Metaphysical healing is to complement medical treatment, not replace it. Sending energy to a person may help them get through a rough medical procedure better is good, but it will not replace the procedure.

Now there are a lot preventive things a person can do, using items such as Elderberry, Black Seed, Beet root, fish oil - and most of the things can be found with the vitamins in a drug store or supermarket and if not there in a health food store. You can find them in capsules, pills, and gummies.  

If you go to a Doctor you are asked to list medications you are on.  If you are taking any of the preventive herbs - list them, incase they have things in them that may conflict with medicine being prescribed by the doctor. If the doctor says not to take something - ask why, and if his answer is “It doesn’t work, just an old wives tale”  ask is there anything in it that can hurt me? Remember you (or your insurance) is paying the doctor good money - always ask questions on things you do not understand.