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Section 8

This section contains the following weeks:

     Week 34: Divination

     Week 35: Tarot

     Week 36: Scrying

NOTE: You will need to have a Scrying mirror for week 36.  You can make one or you can buy one. A dollar store mirror will do for making one. Get a can of black spray paint and paint the mirror. Just a light coat, you want it to still reflect some. You can also take piece of glass and paint one side black.(You scry with the unpainted side) They have wonderful scrying mirrors made out of Obsidian that can be bought at New Age Stores or Amazon (the ones at Amazon run between $20 - $100) If you do a web search you will see both finished and kits running from $6 up to several hundred dollars. The higher priced ones are no better for Scrying as the cheap ones. Obsidian ones have the plus of being 100% natural- but the $1.25 mirror spray black can be just as powerful for Scrying.