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Week 29


There are many types of meditation and there are different times when they can be used. We use meditation as part of Drawing Down the Moon. It gets the HPS in the correct mood to receive the Goddess. It can be used to commune with the Gods, it can be used to relax, it can be used for past lives, channeling, and many other things you will do within the craft. In many cases you need to focus yourself on the task at hand. And you need to try and not put yourself asleep.

A form I use a lot when I have no task at hand is the Happy Place Meditation. I have several different "Happy Places" and when I want to meditate I place myself into one of them. The only draw back of this form is it can lead to sleep - but that is not always bad if you are doing the meditation to relax.

The use of music can also help with meditation. I use Celtic Music on SXM, Classic Music, New Age Music are all good to use. Drumming either live or on a device. The music is for background - so don’t use music that you are going to sing along with.

There is also a type of meditation where you block everything out of your mind, just a white space. Some people can’t do this others can very easily.  

Another form of meditation is the guided meditation.  This can be used to meet ones spiritual animal, get an answer to a question, or find ones inner self. To do this you will need a guide that you can trust. Beware: Some guide try to give you a story to follow that can have no deviation  - you should have points were you pick the direction that you go. These guides are not trying to do something wrong they are novices at the guided meditations and they may have only experienced ones that were wrong. When the guide asks you questions, answer them or you will be sending the guide away from you. The use of a drum helps 100% and should be beat to your heart beat, not to the beat of the guides drum.


Types of meditation. Self worth.


1. Name the Chakras

2. When should you meditate?

3 What is an affirmation?

T0 Do:

Try meditating - if one way doesn’t work try another.  You may want to make notes on this in your BOS.