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Section 5

Section 5 will cover the following weeks:

     Week 19:Major Sabbats

     Week 20: Samhain

     Week 21: Imbolc

     Week 22: Beltane

     Week 23: Lughnasadh

By this time you should have spent 18 weeks on Wicca 101 - if not you are cheating yourself. The next ten weeks we will be studying the Sabbats. Some of the class lectures are very short. In the live class we talk about Sabbats past a lot of the time and answer questions about the Sabbats.  Any questions you can either email or put on the Facebook group.  But this is a good time to read more about the Sabbats.  Each Sabbat has had books written about it.  Some of the books are about the history of the Sabbat and others are things to do for the Sabbat. There is also a lot of good articles on the Sabbats on the Internet (also a lot of bad ones) There are also free ebooks on the net. (Be careful some have not been released by the owners to be put on line for free - and it is not fair to an author who makes their living writing that people are stealing his work.)