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Week 12

Theban, Alphabet of Witchcraft

Why Theban:

During the early days of Modern Witchcraft (1950 - present) many Witches didn't want others to read their Book of Shadows - a Magickal alphabet was needed and Theban became that alphabet. It became the language of the Witch. Notes between Witches were written in Theban - anything that a Witch didn't want an outsider to read was written with this alphabet.

Why didn't they just use Runes?? Runes were much easier to get a hold of. (and in some cases took a more artistry person to draw them)

Theban Today:

If we want we can still write our BOS in Theban, but the alphabet is printed in many books and fonts can be found on the Internet - so much for it being secret. So why hasn't it become a foot note to Witchcraft History - why do we need to learn about it?

It can and is used with spell craft. In many spells you need to write something on a candle or on paper - doing in Theban helps put more of you into the spell, as you must concentrate to translate to Theban (even if you are copying it from a book)

Try Writing in Theban

When writing in Theban the version in Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft is the preferred form. Make yourself a translation card and put a translation page in your BOS. You can also do writing on your Athame or Wand using Theban.


Reasons for Theban