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Week 10

Tools of Witchcraft Part 2

This week you should make a tool. If you need help email Dreamweaver and he will transfer your letter to the person best suited for answering it. When you have the tool done take a picture or two of it and upload it to the Facebook Group

With the photo write a message  telling what tool you made .  You can talk about how you made it in the message. Drop an email to Dreamweaver that you posted it.

Your book review is also due this week.  It needs to be posted on the Facebook Group.

Witch Kit:

This something we put together to have craft tools and materials where ever we go. Most of the things you need can be found in craft stores or on Amazon. The main things you need is: A box to put them in (Craft stores or section, fishing sections, tool store or section) small plastic zip lock bags (craft stores or sections) small glass bottles (craft stores or sections) small clear containers (craft stores or sections). The items that go into the box and other containers are: dried herbs, chime candles, incence, oils, salts, water, sage, small wand, lighter, chime candle holders, crystals, other items you may want.

Ours has come in handy many times and was well worth the time it took to put together.  This could be though of as a tool and while looking for tools you may find a lot of things that can go into the box. The animated gif below will show you what it looks like and some of the items that are in it.


1. What is the use of the Necklace?

2. What is the use of the Garter?

3. What type of marking are on an Athame?