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Welcome to our online Wicca 101 class.  Before we even get started let me say that NO ONLINE class can make up for a live one.  We had been requested to have an online class and this is it. This will be the first major change in eight years. Some of the changes are to make navigating the site easier, and some are because the old has been outdated. Now if you were working with the old site - the information has stayed the same (the information isn’t what was outdated) We no longer have yahoogroups or the forum - Facebook group has replaced both. You will want to download the class outline and to join the Facebook group - when you send in the pre-test let us know the name you use on Facebook so we can OK you as a member of the group.

Now to get the most out of this class you should join the Facebook group and do all exercises. Do one class a week, read the assigned pages for the week and if there are any questions you can email dreamweaver@dragonpalm.com and we will help you. And remember the only stupid question is the unasked question.

There are four books that you need for the class:

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft by Raymond Buckland (CBW) or the second edition (CBW SE). If you buy new it will be the second edition, but if you already have or get used it could be the second edition. The information is the same in both,second has more pictures, index and set up a little different. (Also known as “Uncle Buck’s Big Blue Book)

To Ride A Silver Broomstick by Silver RaveWolf (RSB) or the second edition (RSB SE). Again new will be second edion and used could be first. The covers are not a like and the second is much bigger than the first.  We only have the first - we borrowed a second to make the class outline.

A Witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar.  This is made up of two books: The Witches Way (WBP1) and Eight Sabbats for Witches (WBP2).  It is cheaper to get it in this format as the others are hardback and each one cost about the same as A Witches Bible.  It does have several different covers and there are Witches Bibles by other people. Make sure it is the one by the Farrars.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham (WSP). There are also a few different covers, but the books are the same.

Make sure you download the PDF Class Outline it will give you everything you need to do each week. You will notice that these books will have information that will be different about the same thing - and different from the lecture part of the class.  This is to show you that there is many ways to do some things, all of which are the right way.

Here are a few questions and answers you may have about the course - any other questions send to the Facebook group or  email it to dreamweaver@dragonpalm.com

1. How long does it take to take this course?

It should take a year and a day - now you can whiz right through it in a very short period of time, but that would mean you are just reading the assignments. You need to study them, ask questions, and do things they ask you to do.

2. What do I get out of the course?

Knowledge - and if you did everything and understand it, at the end you can consider yourself a first degree Witch.

3. Is this course just as good as having a “live” teacher?

NO - on a course like this you have no one to show you how to do things.  Some people need to be shown, others can catch on form just being told how to do something.  There are also things that can not be written down, as they must be felt. We have added the  Facebook Group to help make this as close to “Live” as we can.  But you must work and be part of the discussions, ask questions - be part of the class not just an on looker.  An on looker will get very little from this class.

4. If I join a Coven will they accept me as a first degree Witch?

It would be up to the Coven - some will only accept a degree that they or another Coven in their tradition has given.  Others will test you, to see what you know.  And still others will take your word.

NOTE: We have used clip art on this site. Most of it was purchased on disc and copied unto our hard drive - and most is 15 to 20 years old  - we have also downloaded some from free sites on the Internet. This clip art is not for commercial use. This is not a commercial site - we sell nothing on it or charge anyone for using it. Some of it may be copyrighted by the owners, again we only got clip art that was free to use on non-commercial projects. If for any reason you copy any of the clip art to use, do not use it for commercial projects.