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Florida Fandom was started in August 1976 by Rick and Ruth Coy. This was our zero issue -done more to see if we could do it. Right now that cover scan is all we can find of number zero, hopefully a copy is somewhere in storage. In October of 1976 we published our first issue.

The early issues were all typed on an electric typewriter and pictures were cut out and titles we done by press type.

Everything was pasted together on paper with a blue grid that wouldn’t reproduce when printed.  Once everything was pasted together we would then take it to an a printer and it would be off set printed.

Then we put ads in the a few adzines and wait for people to send for it.

In latter years we would get a commodore 64 computer, which we still couldn’t type the issue on since dot matrix printers were not easy to read, but with a program called Printshop we could make titles and logos. (And to this day we still have on our computer a version of Printshop)

Florida Fandom office around mid 80’s. The TV is part of the Commodore  64 and the typewriter is in the foreground. This was were we put together FF for several years.

We got better computers and printers.  A couple of tries at bringing FF back in the 90’s when we had a collectable's store was done on an Ink jet printer and we used MS Publisher. It was ok, but it wasn’t until we did our 35th anniversary issue that we were really able to use a computer that could really do everything. Even thou it was done in PDF we still printed out a copy - which is in black and white because we used our laser printer. (The PDF version is in color)

In 1997 we started our online website. Florida Fandom On Line. It’s been through several version - with the newest one in 2012.  It started as a geocities free site and today it www.floridafandom.com .

In 2011 we started redoing the original FF’s to put in a PDF format on line.  It started as what could we have done if we had the computers we have today back in 1976. Well the original cover of FF 1 is above and the revised one is the the left.  We tried to keep them as close to the original as we could, and it had all the original contents including ads.  Many of the pictures that we had cut out of magazines and other places we were able to find on the Internet.

Our newest issue in PDF format.