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Florida Fandom is a Fanzine started in 1976.  It came out when ever - even thou we tried several times to have them out 12, 6, or 3 times a year.  In most cases Fanzines were self published magazines that were traded and sold through the mail. The people who contributed to them get a copy of the zine that they appeared in as pay.  Many pros in the comics, movie and SF stated out appearing in or publishing Fanzines.

This was before computers and the Internet.  Ads were run in other fanzine and adzines.  Some of the larger Fanzines advertised in comics.

Florida Fandom was going to be a Fanzine for and about fans in Florida, but it quickly expanded beyond the state. This doesn’t mean it became got a large circulation, just that the people that contributed and bought the zine were from all over the states and one even in Canada.  None of the originals ever sold over 100 copies.  An e-version that came out in 2011 had over 300 downloads.  We are thinking about doing another e-version for 2012. (Do download click on Florida Fandom on line and once you are the site click on PDF versions, once you open it you can download it to your computer or print it.