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Knoxville TN

Dragon Palm Circle is an Eclectic Coven with both an Inner and Outer Circle.  The Inner Circle is the Coven proper and the Outer Circle is made up of students and others who are connected to our Coven, Our friends consist of Witches and Pagans who have at one time or another gathered in our Grove in Florida or one of our Covensteds here in Tennessee, Please Note: The description of each person was written by them, and some it was a long time ago when they wrote it. {If you are listed and what your listing updated or deleted dust drop us a line or if you feel you should be listed let us know. Also E and W by TN means East or West Covenstead - no letter means we are still waiting to see who goes where.}

The inner Circle is divided into two sections, those who are the current working Coven proper and those who have gone on to form their own Covens or are out of state, but who, when attending a Dragon Palm Ritual or event are considered part of the Inner Circle.

Rev. Lady Sky - (TNW) High Priestess of Dragon Palm Circle West.  Tarot, Scrying and other forms ofDivination. Ordained Minister.  A Founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Rev. Lord Dreamweaver - (TNW) High Priestess’s Priest. Keeper of the records for the Coven and Webmaster for this site. Photographer, Eclectic Witch.  A Founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Lady Pinkie Luna Fae - (TNE) High Priestess of Dragon Palm Circle East. Public relations, Pink Pixie, Kitchen Witch, Facilitator, the Mom, Tuatha Dea Booty Shaker, An Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Rev. Lord Angus WaterStone (TNE) High Priestess’s Priest, Master Craftsman, healer, Alchemist, family man better known as Dad and man who usually gets shit done. Public relations. A Founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.

Lord Aquarius - (TN) A Founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle. Passed over 6-14-2013

Lord Aquarius - (TN) A Founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle. Passed over 6-14-2013

Moonchylde - (TN) Hedge Witch, Arist, photographer

Dragonfly - (TNW) Maiden - Drummer in training, writer, singer, DPC youngest First Degree.

Windwalker - (TN) Drmmer, Energy healer, Kitchen Witch, artist, artificier, empathy counseling.

Fireholder -(TNE)

Thor (TNW)


The Following will always be considered part of Dragon Palm Circle Inner Circle - but have gone on to form their own Coven or live out of state.  They are always welcome to any and all events of Dragon Palm Circle open or closed…and can always become active members at their request.

Lord HaVwk (FL) Lecherous Old Witch - PS and Ugly.

Rev. Lord Eoghann of Clan Cambell - (TN) Join outer circle September of 1999 Inner circle 2001.  Formed Orenda Circle in Johnson City. Passed over October of 2018

Rev. Lady Aurora Leilani - (FL) not with any groups in Florida, but always open to meeting other pagans in the area.  Eclectic pagan. Working and Faerie magick and Egyptian.  Luna is our girl.  On Facebook auroraleilani and twitter #auroraleilani. DPC first Maiden. A founder and Elder.

Rev. Lord Pete - (FL)  A Founder and Elder of Dragon Palm Circle.  Formed his own Coven after left the state. Passed over 2-15-2014.

The following are people who were in our outer circle.  Most will just be a name and state until we get an update from them.  The state will be the state they were in when they were in the outer circle, if followed by a second state - that is where they were the last time we heard from them.

Phoenix Soaring Dragon (TN)

ShadowRain (TN)

Tiger-Lily Dancing Dragons(TN)

Cher (TN)

Lady Wyndsong (FL) Eclectic solitary who studied under and is affliaed with Dragon Palm.  I love to network.  Do me a huge havor and walk outside…I want you to the Guardian of the East Gabriel, that I told you to say HI..he’ll get a kick out of it. Dragon Palm’s Second Maiden.

A.J. (TN)

Rev. Lady Anu (TN)

Adonis (FL)

Rev. Blackwolf (FL) Eclectic Pagan being mostly a mix of shamanic an Buddhist. Husband to Lady Aurora Leilani.  The man who made our Maiden a Mommy.

Jade (FL)

Autumn (FL)


Rev. Emory Moon (TN)

Alicia (TN)

Katie (TN)

Phonenix (TN)

Meythosh (TN)

SoulDancer (TN)

Kjerstie (TN) (KY)

Shadow Rain (TN)


Lynsey (TN)

Lady Vesta (TN)

Lady Amber Fall (TN)

Gawain - (FL) (TX) Passed over 2021. Was part of the Outer circle in Florida - came up in 2001 and was part of the Tennessee - returned to Florida. Was at Samhain 2000.

Brandy - (FL) (Oregon) Passed over 2022.  Was Part of the Outer Circle in Florida.Came up to Tennessee for out Samhain celebration 2000

The Following were friends of the coven:

SoulStorm (FL) An eclectic solitary Wiccan with strong Druidic and Shamanistic bent.

Lady Ikinde (FL) 3rd degree HPS of Welsh Tradition (After Roman invasion - eclectic “tradition”)

If you should be listed or if your listing needs updating please let us know.