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Knoxville TN

The Palm Beach Pagan was a newsletter that was put out by Dragon Palm Circle in 1998 when we were still located in South Florida.  It’s main objective was to give the Pagans of South Florida a place to sound off. It was given out free at some of the local shops. There was only one issue, but two Beta issues We have PDF versiion of both the print issue and the final Beta issue. The Beta issue was only given out to members and friends of the Coven.  The Beta was also used to show stores what it would look like. We got started on a second issue but it never got made.  Now being a print issue we had to pay for it to be printed. We were still using ink jet printers so just doing a small run of issue would have taken time and money (and they did have automatic duplex to print on both size.) If we had done it as an E-zine it would have seen at least one more issue.