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Knoxville TN

This page originally was for links to our YahooGroups - which is now a thing of the past. Now we will use it as a link to our Facebook groups and pages.


Dragon Palm Events: this group will list events of Dragon Palm plus events that would be of interest to Pagans. Most things listed will be things in East Tennessee since that where we are at - but we will list larger festivals. Members of the group can post information about events also - as long as they are for pagans. When we have our Pagan Night Outs - they will be listed there.

Dragon Palm 101 : This groups goes alone with both our online and live wicca 101 classes.

Peppermint and Sage: This group is for people who want to work on Peppermint and Sage - it will list deadlines and Needs of the editor.


Dragon Palm Circle: This page tell about us and what’s going on.

Peppermint And Sage: This page tells about the PAS and what happening.  The page is for everyone, the group is for people who want to work on PAS.

These pages and groups will have newest information on them. Post are much faster than redoing a web page.