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Knoxville TN

A PNO is a night for Pagans to get together and talk.  Conversation can run from Pagan events to the latest movies and everything in between.  The first one we had ever gone to was on August 29th,1998 held by the Pagan Band Dionysus at a New Age store called Ancient Ways in Pompano Beach, FL They had several there alternating between coffee style and open mic style. After we got to Tennessee we held one for just members at Books A Million in Sevierville on Monday, December 23rd 2002. A year latter we needed someplace to meet people and we decided on a monthly gathering at Books - A -million. So on December 30th,2003 we held our first regular PNO there. They soon became every third Thursday of the month. Then in 2020 with both Covid and part of the Coven moving to Knoxville (another part had moved to Cosby about three years earlier) we put the PNO on hold.  We are hoping to get it started again - but we may try for a place in Knoxville or we may go back to Books A Million.  We will let you know both here and on our Dragon Palm Events group on Facebook.