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Knoxville TN

Merry Meet and Welcome to the Dragon Palm Circle Home Page

We are an eclectic Wiccan Coven.  Our Coven was formed in January of 1997 in Lake Worth, Florida.  In July of 1999 four of the founding members of the Coven moved to Sevierville, Tennessee.  We left in Florida several Coven Elders along with member of our outer circle. In June of 2020 because of the distance between members and Covid we split the Coven into Dragon Palm Circle West with Dragon Realm Covenstead in Knoxville, Tennessee and Dragon Palm Circle East with Pixie Point Covenstead in Cosby, Tennessee.

We are a teaching Coven and hold classes at our Covensteads.  We also have an On-Line class on our website. If you are interested check out out web pages.  We also have a Facebook Group called Dragon Palm 101 that is used with the class.

Our High Priestess, Rev. Lady Sky and several other members of the Coven are ordained and perform handfasting and legal marriages, along with other rites of passage.

While in Florida we started a newsletter called Palm Beach Pagan. It had articles, poems and artwork by local pagans.  Upon moving to Tennessee, the name Palm Beach Pagan just didn’t sound right - we had members in several states at that time - so we created Peppermint and Sage, an online E-zine.

Check out our Wheel of the Year.  It contains pictures of many of the Sabbats celebrated by Dragon Palm Circle.

We have had a Pagan Night Out, but it was put on hold until because of Covid, now that the two Covensteads are so far apart we may when we start up have them at two different place or keep the old one which is just about in the middle of the two.

Check out our other pages and book mark us and come back for updates.